Smart Book Fair

Another book fair.
Seems like the organisers are competing each other to organise book fairs during this month.
The strategy is to distract us – the book lovers from going to other place but keep visitting the book fair. Yes, congratz. You’ve won us!
This month only, there are three book fairs in Kuching. The Second Time Around Book Fair at The Hills, The Popular Book Fair at City One and The Smart Book Fair at Hock Lee.

I had went to all of the places, and I can say that The STA Book Fair is the best so far. I had went to the Popular Book Fair and bought none of the book. Maybe I was bringing Amani along and I couldn’t focus to browse for my favourite book. In fact, we were playing catch and run around the place.  Sigh~


Yesterday me and my girls (office colleagues) chip in our lunch hour to the Smart Book Fair, Hock Lee. It was a bit late to know because the last day of the sales is today. Look, they have a Super Bargain RM1 section!


In the end, I only grab two books. Most of the books were old books and from the writers that hardly known. So I didn’t feel regret at all. I am saving for my second trip to the STA Book Fair. Yeay!

Little Duckling wants to play

Hi there.
My father had his surgery last two nights.
Alhamdulillah, it all went well.
Thanks for the love and supports.

Today I’m going to blog about Amani’s ‘drug’.

Little Duckling Wants to Play. Bought it at STA book fair. Why do I choose this book? Because it encourages the kids to learn with touching the materials.


Look. There are Cutie Bunny fur, Rough skin of froggie, Fluffy caterpillars and duckling furry wings. I had introduced this kind of book to Amani since she was 6 months old. At first she feel tickled with it. Now she enjoys reading and touching it. Gonna hunt more books like this for her.

Oh, I just realised most of her books has frog in it. Ahaha. One of the reason is because I’m a froggie fan. Whenever there is a froggie picture, Amani would said “Frog!”. So yesterday, we saw a snail puppet. My friend told her “Snail”. And then she answered “No. Frog!”




November III 2013 Drug : Magis by Ramlee Awang Murshid.

Saw many good reviews about this book. The most interesting part is 5 characters from his 5 other books were gathered together in one story. They were Sunan, Carlos, Mikhail, Tombirou and Ryu Watanabe. Well, in my opinion five is too much. Three, I still can tolerate but five.. I couldn’t focus on the plot and always end up to skip skip skip the unimportant parts. As usual, the part with Laksamana Sunan on it always caught my attention. He is the real hero among all five heroes.

Four stars for this book. Not looking forward for another sequel. huhu…


I know she is really into Princess thing.
After finished watching dvd, she moves to watch youtube on tab.


Currently, The Sofia the First series is very popular now. I bet she likes anything with Princess. Ain’t we’re all like that before? hehe.

Before going to sleep, she insisted to watch Princess Sofia. Again and again and again….. she watched it until the tab is running out of battery. Macam-macam style ada. Sigh~

Watching ‘Pincess’


Everyday. Night or day. Again and again and again and again.
This is her current favourite. She would begged me and said “Ma, Ma, Pincesss…”

Everytime if you heard that begging lines, just insert a DVD of Princess Barbie in a DVD player and let her watch. Whenever she watched the opening of the movie, she would dance and sing like nobody was there.
I never thought she would love watching Barbie. Bought the DVD for Yaya (my niece) instead. Now, she gets excited whenever she watched the movie.

It was good indeed. In the meantime, I could distract her for awhile and doing the house chores peacefully. However, sometimes she would drag me along and forced me to watch it together. If you have a contest about the movie, I am confident I can answer it 100%. I’ve memorised the dialogs, the plot and the songs…. Lol!

Guess I need to buy more Barbie DVDs after this. 😀

Till then readers, bye.
Azura Chan, xoxo.

Second Hand Book Fair

Hello readers.
In the middle of this year, I have been waiting for the Second Times Around Book Fair where they were usually organized it at Crown Square. No they didn’t held it around that time but they have changed it this month instead.


The venue also different from previous years. They held it at The Hills. I only managed to chip in our lunch break and browsed as fast as I could. Wuwu..


Here’s the catch of the day! More new books this time. Marian Keyes, Jodi Picoult, Dan Brown, Khaled Hosseini… all prices were below RM10. I still wanna make another round but… sad sad sad.. when we don’t share the same interest with our partner. T.T


While browsing the books, there was a donation box provided. It’s a unique box. A good way to attract people to do the donation.
p/s: Book sales seems here and there. Someone help me!!!

Mamani Craft

Hello everyone!
It’s weekend again..
I was just in the middle of the process of spring clean the mess I’d done to my brother’s room (The room is empty at the moment, since he’s studying at Peninsular right now). I used his room as my working space. Precisely… Craft Working Space. Which means, all the messy messy things like papers, ribbons, beads were here and there after the project. hehe.

To Edos, yes yes… I’m going to clean the mess. Don’t worry. 😛

Later that I found this.

The first craft from Amani. A two years old craft. Ahaha. It made me smile when looking at it.

I remember that night, I was in the last minute ‘touch up’ process for the dowries… I had to brought her along into my ‘office’. Of course she was excited to see so many fancy things in that room. I just let her played with my craft tools. Luckily she didn’t tried to ‘taste’ those things. Phew~


This is the thing she found that night. My favourite and limited and expensive Jewels adhesive stickers. T.T  So sedih… I was very careful and a little bit ‘stingy’ to use those stickers. Coz’ it’s hard to find in Malaysia. Wuwuwuwu…

I guessed, she’s observing me while I’m crafting and then she applied the skills. The craft skills. Hopefully we can make a great craft team. Mamani Craft! x)

Till then readers, ciao!

Azura Chan. xoxo

Aku Bercerita


This is my November II 2013 Drug. Aku Bercerita by Ramlee Awang Murshid. I gave 4 stars for this book. There are 5 stories in this book and I must say that I am impressed by the way he wrotes. I seldom like the short stories, but with his unique writing style, I keep on reading it until the last page. Yeah, congratulations for fooling my mind. You’ll know what I mean when you read his stories. I hope there will be many writer like him in our country.

Next. Magis by Ramlee Awang Mushid.


Azura Chan. xoxo

November.2013 Project (II)

Now let me revealed to you the whole outcomes for the November 2013 Project Part Two.

11 sets of dowry for the girl. Pink is the chosen colour, English theme…  and while decorating these dowries, I feel so excited and happy. Maybe it is because of the colour… or I’m using Hydrangea! (my favourite flower).


9 sets of dowry for the man. Silver and black for the chosen colour, and I chose white roses and silver beads to make it more vibrant. At first I deco 6 roses for each tray, in the end I only put one or two roses so that the dowries look more masculine.


Well, actually these dowries were made for my cousin’s engagement. Congratulations to Druz & Indah! Lovely couple.

With so many obstacles, I’m relieved that I managed to finish the task on time. Not forgetting here, I would like to thank my ‘bidan terjun’ – Miss Ain for helping me until the last minute of the deadlines. hehe. Thank you for answering my SOS call. Projek Kilat! as she mentioned that day. Lol! “Lamak dah sik berdango kedak ya…. ” 😛

Next project? Project 2014 & Project Bunga Telur. Wiwiwiwi. (Love to challenge myself). If any of you interested for a decorating dowry service (Kuching & Samarahan area only), you can contact me here or email me : x)

Till then, bye for now.

Azura Chan. xoxo

Temptation #35: Nabati Biscuits

Hello readers…
Do you like cheese?
I just can’t say no to cheese.


Recently I saw these biscuits from Nabati. All of them were cheese flavours. There are two types here, the Ahh’ and Selimut biscuits. I prefer the Ahh’ one. Ahh’ Selimut (Ahh.. blanket. Lol)

Found out that the Nabatis’ product are from Indonesia. How come products from our neighbour taste very delicious? If only I can go to Indonesia, I bet I will spend my money more to food. Hehe.

Have you taste these biscuits?

Till then;
Azura Chan. xoxo.