Birthday in school

Hi peeps.
It’s weekend again. Sadly had to go to work today. uhuu..
But I’m still here, weighing a decision wether to go to work or not. DearDear is travelling, my father is not well, mom is fully occupied with my father’s condition. Amani has no one to babysit. Sigh~

Speaking of Amani, yesterday she received a birthday present from her teacher. Her nursery had organized a June – October birthday party.


I only managed to make egg sandwiches for them. It’s the easiest menu. huhu. When we were back at home, I unwrapped the gift and found a cute pink towel. =)

p/s : Look at her front hair. uhuuu… it’s not easy to cut her hair. But I found that the Paramore’s lead singer has the same hair like this. Lol!

p/s: Found my decision. Not going to work today. Fullstop.