Weekend in picture

Hello Sunday!


This photo was taken during our outing on last weekend. We had dinner at Nasi Kuning, Plaza Merdeka. Nasi Kuning served Indonesian food. Now they have many branches, apart from the main branch located at Jalan Tun Jugah. Me and DearDear loves their Nasi Ayam Penyet. Taste different than our local made. We also ordered Bergedil, which were really tasty and soft. yumm…


Despite the nice food, I also love the environment in that place. Very clean and not crowded. The owner and the staff were very friendly towards their customers. From the way they talked, I reckoned that they are from Indonesia. Well, I just love listening to their accents. hehe.


Mamani’s favourite moment. Click! Click! Click!


Guess what I found in the mall. A Bollywood shop. If you can’t go to the real Bollywood, here also can lah. lol!

p/s: Missing DearDear… :-[


12 thoughts on “Weekend in picture

  1. Speaking of Indonesian food, I and my Malaysian friends had been dining at a small Indonesian restaurant here in Gumi. And really, Indonesian is one of the most deicious cuisine in the world. That’s why I am so looking forward to visitng Indonesia for a food trip.

  2. Plaza Nerdeka Kuching? Ooh, going to window shopping there when I am back to Kuching with my 2 older kids next weekend. Miss Kuching food. Time rwally flies. We have been staying in Sibu for 4 months plus now.

    Nice family photo. Happy Sunday!

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