November.2013 project (I)

Hello friends and readers..
I’m sorry for neglecting my blog for a few days.
It’s because I was busy completing The November 2013 – Engagement Project. Apart from that, my father’s condition has no improvement. That would adding the challenge that I had to face.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete the project according to the deadlines. For today’s entry, I will reveal the outcome for Part I.

Ta-da! This is a ‘Watikah Pertunangan Book’. I don’t know how do we translate it into English. The Engagement Book? Err.. something like that. hehe. This book was specially made for the couple. Since the dowry has an English theme, so I decided to design something ‘English’.


When talking about English theme, there are few trademarks that needs to combine. Roses, Lace, Pastel colour, Vintage and simple. So I chose white lace, white satin, white ribbon and pearl beads and a pastel rose corsage. There you go… my Vintage Engagement Book. It can be a Wedding Guestbook as well.

If you are looking for someone to design your Watikah Book, Wedding Album cover… now you’re one step closer to the right place. Just email me and I’ll entertain you. (

What’s your comment on the design I made? Hope to hear from you soon.

Azura Chan, xoxo

p/s: Please pray for my father’s condition getting well. T.T


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