A Literary Inspired Week and a Prize-Winning Giveaway


Handmade by Hannah

Last week was one of the most amazing and most surreal weeks of my life. It was down to acting as treasurer for the Hull University English Society. As it is National Novel Writing Month, we have been organising lots of events to get students inspired to write, but not just novels, they can write short stories or poetry if they wish…we just want to get students writing! As well as writing workshops, part of the programme that we have mapped out for the month are ‘inspirational events’ to inspire people to pick up the pen. These events are talks led by established authors, including local Hull author Russ Litten, who kicked off our launch night!

Russ is thoroughly involved in our plans, and has offered to help judge to outcomes of the month of creativity, to pick a winner to be published in the student newspaper! He is going…

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HK Frog Prince

Good morning bloggers…
Just wanna share you the new collection of Hello Kitty Fairy Tales from McDonald.


My brother bought this Frog Prince for me. I thought he knew it that I would love to have anything with froggy collection. Am a frog lover. Lol!

As long as I have this one, I won’t mind to have other collections amymore. Hihihi… Anyway, thanks bro for a thoughtful suprise. 😉

Hugs; Azura Chan