Second Hand Book Fair

Hello readers.
In the middle of this year, I have been waiting for the Second Times Around Book Fair where they were usually organized it at Crown Square. No they didn’t held it around that time but they have changed it this month instead.


The venue also different from previous years. They held it at The Hills. I only managed to chip in our lunch break and browsed as fast as I could. Wuwu..


Here’s the catch of the day! More new books this time. Marian Keyes, Jodi Picoult, Dan Brown, Khaled Hosseini… all prices were below RM10. I still wanna make another round but… sad sad sad.. when we don’t share the same interest with our partner. T.T


While browsing the books, there was a donation box provided. It’s a unique box. A good way to attract people to do the donation.
p/s: Book sales seems here and there. Someone help me!!!

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