Little Duckling wants to play

Hi there.
My father had his surgery last two nights.
Alhamdulillah, it all went well.
Thanks for the love and supports.

Today I’m going to blog about Amani’s ‘drug’.

Little Duckling Wants to Play. Bought it at STA book fair. Why do I choose this book? Because it encourages the kids to learn with touching the materials.


Look. There are Cutie Bunny fur, Rough skin of froggie, Fluffy caterpillars and duckling furry wings. I had introduced this kind of book to Amani since she was 6 months old. At first she feel tickled with it. Now she enjoys reading and touching it. Gonna hunt more books like this for her.

Oh, I just realised most of her books has frog in it. Ahaha. One of the reason is because I’m a froggie fan. Whenever there is a froggie picture, Amani would said “Frog!”. So yesterday, we saw a snail puppet. My friend told her “Snail”. And then she answered “No. Frog!”


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