Smart Book Fair

Another book fair.
Seems like the organisers are competing each other to organise book fairs during this month.
The strategy is to distract us – the book lovers from going to other place but keep visitting the book fair. Yes, congratz. You’ve won us!
This month only, there are three book fairs in Kuching. The Second Time Around Book Fair at The Hills, The Popular Book Fair at City One and The Smart Book Fair at Hock Lee.

I had went to all of the places, and I can say that The STA Book Fair is the best so far. I had went to the Popular Book Fair and bought none of the book. Maybe I was bringing Amani along and I couldn’t focus to browse for my favourite book. In fact, we were playing catch and run around the place.  Sigh~


Yesterday me and my girls (office colleagues) chip in our lunch hour to the Smart Book Fair, Hock Lee. It was a bit late to know because the last day of the sales is today. Look, they have a Super Bargain RM1 section!


In the end, I only grab two books. Most of the books were old books and from the writers that hardly known. So I didn’t feel regret at all. I am saving for my second trip to the STA Book Fair. Yeay!

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