Aku Bercerita


This is my November II 2013 Drug. Aku Bercerita by Ramlee Awang Murshid. I gave 4 stars for this book. There are 5 stories in this book and I must say that I am impressed by the way he wrotes. I seldom like the short stories, but with his unique writing style, I keep on reading it until the last page. Yeah, congratulations for fooling my mind. You’ll know what I mean when you read his stories. I hope there will be many writer like him in our country.

Next. Magis by Ramlee Awang Mushid.


Azura Chan. xoxo

November.2013 Project (II)

Now let me revealed to you the whole outcomes for the November 2013 Project Part Two.

11 sets of dowry for the girl. Pink is the chosen colour, English theme…  and while decorating these dowries, I feel so excited and happy. Maybe it is because of the colour… or I’m using Hydrangea! (my favourite flower).


9 sets of dowry for the man. Silver and black for the chosen colour, and I chose white roses and silver beads to make it more vibrant. At first I deco 6 roses for each tray, in the end I only put one or two roses so that the dowries look more masculine.


Well, actually these dowries were made for my cousin’s engagement. Congratulations to Druz & Indah! Lovely couple.

With so many obstacles, I’m relieved that I managed to finish the task on time. Not forgetting here, I would like to thank my ‘bidan terjun’ – Miss Ain for helping me until the last minute of the deadlines. hehe. Thank you for answering my SOS call. Projek Kilat! as she mentioned that day. Lol! “Lamak dah sik berdango kedak ya…. ” 😛

Next project? Project 2014 & Project Bunga Telur. Wiwiwiwi. (Love to challenge myself). If any of you interested for a decorating dowry service (Kuching & Samarahan area only), you can contact me here or email me : nazuramn@yahoo.com x)

Till then, bye for now.

Azura Chan. xoxo

Temptation #35: Nabati Biscuits

Hello readers…
Do you like cheese?
I just can’t say no to cheese.


Recently I saw these biscuits from Nabati. All of them were cheese flavours. There are two types here, the Ahh’ and Selimut biscuits. I prefer the Ahh’ one. Ahh’ Selimut (Ahh.. blanket. Lol)

Found out that the Nabatis’ product are from Indonesia. How come products from our neighbour taste very delicious? If only I can go to Indonesia, I bet I will spend my money more to food. Hehe.

Have you taste these biscuits?

Till then;
Azura Chan. xoxo.

A Literary Inspired Week and a Prize-Winning Giveaway


Handmade by Hannah

Last week was one of the most amazing and most surreal weeks of my life. It was down to acting as treasurer for the Hull University English Society. As it is National Novel Writing Month, we have been organising lots of events to get students inspired to write, but not just novels, they can write short stories or poetry if they wish…we just want to get students writing! As well as writing workshops, part of the programme that we have mapped out for the month are ‘inspirational events’ to inspire people to pick up the pen. These events are talks led by established authors, including local Hull author Russ Litten, who kicked off our launch night!

Russ is thoroughly involved in our plans, and has offered to help judge to outcomes of the month of creativity, to pick a winner to be published in the student newspaper! He is going…

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HK Frog Prince

Good morning bloggers…
Just wanna share you the new collection of Hello Kitty Fairy Tales from McDonald.


My brother bought this Frog Prince for me. I thought he knew it that I would love to have anything with froggy collection. Am a frog lover. Lol!

As long as I have this one, I won’t mind to have other collections amymore. Hihihi… Anyway, thanks bro for a thoughtful suprise. 😉

Hugs; Azura Chan



This is my November 2013 Drug. Elegy by Amanda Hocking. The last book from the Watersong series.

I think I prefer Trylle Series rather than this series. It was stated that there’ll be a battle between the mortals and the sirens. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself into the arena.

The last book was full of romance which I think is not necessary to describe. She should have focus more on the way how to break the curse instead.

Well, I only gave 4 stars for this book.

What’s your current reading?

Hugs: Azura Chan. Xoxo

November.2013 project (I)

Hello friends and readers..
I’m sorry for neglecting my blog for a few days.
It’s because I was busy completing The November 2013 – Engagement Project. Apart from that, my father’s condition has no improvement. That would adding the challenge that I had to face.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete the project according to the deadlines. For today’s entry, I will reveal the outcome for Part I.

Ta-da! This is a ‘Watikah Pertunangan Book’. I don’t know how do we translate it into English. The Engagement Book? Err.. something like that. hehe. This book was specially made for the couple. Since the dowry has an English theme, so I decided to design something ‘English’.


When talking about English theme, there are few trademarks that needs to combine. Roses, Lace, Pastel colour, Vintage and simple. So I chose white lace, white satin, white ribbon and pearl beads and a pastel rose corsage. There you go… my Vintage Engagement Book. It can be a Wedding Guestbook as well.

If you are looking for someone to design your Watikah Book, Wedding Album cover… now you’re one step closer to the right place. Just email me and I’ll entertain you. (nazuramn@yahoo.com)

What’s your comment on the design I made? Hope to hear from you soon.

Azura Chan, xoxo

p/s: Please pray for my father’s condition getting well. T.T