STA Book Fair (second trip)

Yeah.. another book entry.
Please don’t get bored. Ehehe.
Yesterday I went to the Second Time Around (STA) Book Fair again. So this is my second trip.
With a mission to hunt for my two beloved friends Ina & Janet, and also for my dear sister. I tagged along my brother and her girlfriend. Thank you so much to both of you for helping me to babysit Amani while I went wild looking for books.

There was a Christmas corner at The Hills. They also put a stack of book at that place. So it looks like a reading nook.

Well my book hunt was a bit frustrating. The first time I came, I saw many bestseller books were displayed. But last night I only found the old books. Still, I managed to grab these…

Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, Dan Brown… those are for my friends. The right side are for me. hehe. I bought some for Amani as well.


When you purchased above RM100 from the book fair, you are entitled to have a RM10 coupon for any outlet participates in The Hills. So we went to the Old Town Restaurant to have our dinner. Another frustrating moment when the meal that we ordered taste so bad. muhuu.. They provide an order form where we wrote by ourself the menu we want to order. I know this not so new for me, but the form was so complicated. It took awhile to write and cancel it, and re-write the menus. Argh.. can’t they just take our order?

I feel like to give to them the form that Amani wrote. Hmmph…