Giveaway Gift + Xmas Goodies & A Surprise for my blog readers

Hi ya…

Yesterday I was so happy to receive the giveaway gift which was hosted by *Wisher*

What do I got? Ta-da!

xmas goodies

I’d won a a hand-made Christmassy pin cushion, made by Wisher. It’s very cute!!

Plus, she also send me another extra goodies!

Surely, it will enlighten my mood to sew after this. 😀

Thanks again dear, for a lovely gift and for hosting the giveaway.

I think I’m going to send some goodies to my blog readers.

It’s one way to thanks and appreciate for all of your time spent here, reading my ‘babbling’ blog. hihihi…

So, anyone who comments on this entry today will receive a surprise goodies from me!

Till then, ciao!

Azura Chan. xoxo