Hello readers and friends.
Today I’d like to share something I’ve discovered from my picture gallery. While browsing the pictures, I saw so many selfie pics of Amani. Her favourite was to take self photo. Aduyy… baru 2 tahun. huhu.

Here’s one of them. I’ve already edit it according to the sequence.

And another one…

And another more….

Yaduyy… the picture folder were full with her pictures. Sometimes it made laughed when looking at it. I bet this style of ‘corner picture’ is going to be a trend one day. Instead of pouting mouths, sticking out tounge, twitching mouth (retarded perhaps)… why don’t they pose something like Amani did. The last pose is the best, ‘mouth watering’ style. Lol!

Ciao guys! Happy weekend!
Azura Chan. xoxo


9 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. It is always fun and nostalgia to go through our kids’ photos. My girl also took a lot of her selfie photos when she was small. She started to handle camera around 1 year old plus. Now 7 yo plus and she still love to pose for the camera. A natural in front of camera. Lol.

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