Cupcake for newborn

Hey ya! Fancy for some cupcakes?

Ooops… sorry. Those cupcakes are for newborn only.
What? Newborn??


Take a closer look. They’re onesies for newborn. hehe. Yesterday, one of our colleague decided to give a newborn gift for her friend. Well, she came to the right person. Ain and me suggested to make a cupcake box from onesie.

This is what happened when boss was not around. tehehe. A box of cupcakes is ready to savour. hehe.

Another from A&A Design. (Ain & Azura)  x)

8 thoughts on “Cupcake for newborn

    • They’re onesies for newborn. We rolled it to look like cupcakes. Took some ribbons and made as as rosebuds, put on top of it so it does look like cherries. Got the idea from Pinterest. 😀

  1. Hi Azura. I am so sorry for not returning comments immediately. I have been busy with the university that I think will go through until February (my graduation).

    Anyway, those cupcakes are looking good. And I bet they taste good as much as they look!

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