Wrap up

Hello friends and readers…
So I’ve been neglecting my blog again. Ooh… how I miss you guys so much. I’ve become a silent reader to your blog as well..

I’m back in Kuching. Returned from my short holiday last week. Am not saying it was a vacation instead, because we were last minute had to changed the plan to attend my husband’s cousin wedding (The Solemnization). Indeed, we’re planning to go this week (The Reception). Luckily we didn’t go this week, cuz my father was discharged from the hospital last Thursday.

First, enjoy the pictures of me (Mamani, precisely) in KL.

The solemnization. 14/12/13


Amani and her ‘princess’ dress. Thumbs up for the ‘makcik’, she sewed Amani’s dress for one day only!


Taking a picture with Cinderella. I told her to pose like a princess, and then… okay. That was a princess pose, I guess. hehe.

When I was in KL, I received a bad news from Kuching which was about my father. He had to do another surgery. For this year only, he had done 5 surgeries. I don’t feel peaceful when I was in KL. I feel guilty for leaving my parent even it for a short period. Luckily my brothers and sister were there to support them.

Alhamdulillah, his condition has improved. He is now at home and of course with his condition, our routine also changed. Hopefully he will recover very soon. Thanks to friends and families for your supports, and your pray…

Moving on to another wrap up story… This morning as I browsed for the Popin Craft page, I saw the pictures of the Open Call 2013 POPIN Exhibition.

**Picture from facebook/popincraft

Does it rings your bell? Yeah, my cross stitch project was on the exhibition. And there were my friends’ as well. Well, if I stick to my first plan, I decided to attend the exhibition in Singapore. Perhaps it’s not my year. Will try it again next year.

**Picture from facebook/popincraft
There you go…. my froggie was in between of the two ladies. hehe. Never mind myself couldn’t go to Singapore. At least my artwork has reached the country.  I hope my friend Angela has attend the exhibition. Don’t forget to snap pictures, dear. hehe.

Till then, bye~
Azura Chan xoxo


9 thoughts on “Wrap up

  1. congrats on the display of the artwork.. Yipeee… I’ve yet made a trip down.. will do so soon.. and I want to tell you.. i got your package.. yay.. Will make a post on it soon.. thank you so so much.. 😀

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