Fine Motor Skills

Hello readers.
How was your holiday? Hopefully it was merrier and joyful.

I had started to introduce block game and legos to Amani since she was one year (plus) old. At that time, she was very clumsy at handling those blocks. From what I’d experienced, children learns from observation. She learned it from us. We used to build something from the legos and then showed to her.


Now, she manages to build on her own without any help from us. From a simple block she made to a very complicated (at her age) block. I was surprised when I saw that one day she build a ship! Just like a wood ship replica of DearDear’s.

This is one of the fine motor skills development in children. Another skill she had learned from me was ‘melipat baju’. Lol!


“Here’s my Lego Ship, mama.”
I am impressed! Well done my girl! Next time mama will buy you a girly legos, saw once sell at the Toys R Us that day. hihi.

p/s: Mama suka buang duit. hihihi. 😛