Smalls SAL January 2014

Ola everyone!

I’ve just finished my cross stitch for Smalls SAL for January 2014. Please click on the link Smalls SAL for more info.

Should have posted about it on 29 January, but I only managed to get it done last night. Sigh~

So here’s mine :-


A bit messy. 😦


I’m going to make it as an album cover. Look out for it in the future, aye!

Now, it’s time for blog hoping to other contestants. Da~

Oh, don’t forget to join my giveaway darls!

Birthday Giveaway!

Azura Chan. xoxo

Mini Sanrio

Hello friends and readers…
I’ve finished the dowry decorations yesterday. I hope the customer is satisfied with my design. I will upload the photos after the engagement day, don’t want to reveal it first. hehe.


The Sanrio Family! Found these mini Sanrio Family and it remind me of Amani. Thought of buying two sets, another set is for Yaya. But this is the last stock. Huu.. It is made of rubber, looks like eraser to me.


She was so excited to get these. I bet every kid love cats.


As usual, she insists to take picture of the cat. The pictures above are the picture that she took by herself. She also snap on Abah’s picture.


And Abah took a picture of her. Mama enjoyed her meal. Hehe.

p/s: Another deadline for tomorrow. :-[


Dear friends and readers
I am sorry for neglecting my blog for a few days.

To my customer,
Sorry for delaying the deadline.

To my brother,
Sorry for breaking your gundam into pieces.

It all started when Amani had fever again.

Last two weeks, she had a fever. But it only last for 2 days. On Wednesday, her temperature suddenly hits high. This time, we brought her to see the paediatric. The paed said she was infected from virus of the weather now. Today is the fifth day, her temperature is still high.

With her condition like that, she was very clingy. Everyday I must not far from her sight. Even when she was sleeping at night, I had to be her rocker. Sigh~

This is one of the challenge I had to face. I have been delaying my deadline because of this. I am struggling hard to finish the dowry decorations now.Customer always right, no matter how. I am so so sorry to dissapoint you.


Now, this incidents complete my bad hair week! I had accidentally broke my brother’s Gundam into pieces. I am very very sorry and you are on my treat whenever you want, bro.

Oh I just want to runaway from this stress. But I know I can’t. I have to face it.


Yeah… that’s right! Keep calm and stay strong!

Azura Chan xoxo

My Birthday Giveaway, too!

Another giveaway. Care to join?


Inspired by Azurachan… Linda pun ingat nak buat giveaway jugak… it’s will be a bit tricky sikit. Macam treasure hunt la…


A box of Kurus dengan cara tak masuk akal priduct &…..

A mistery gift….

Haha… 2 gift tu…

Jadi… how to participate…

Step 1
LIKE this post

Step 2
FOLLOW this blog

Step 3
SHARE this post on your FB
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Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7
FOLLOW instagram Lindabalqis


Step 8
(The treasure hunt part & this step will determine winner)
INSTAREPOST or snap anything u like either from any of the liked FB pages (above) or from any of Lindabalqis ig post & post it to your IG with hastag #lindabalqismenulis &…

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Happy Posto Jan.2014

Hello there…

Received a mail from Singapore, last week. It was from Angela. Let’s see what’s inside the mail.

How sweet… Thank you my friend, for a thoughtful new year gifts. =)

This postcard really captured my heart. I never expect that she’ll keep it for me. It was my stitch work for Popin project. (spot the one with a heart sticker, that’s mine.) Thank you thank youuu so much!

Arabic Flash Cards


This is “My First Arabic Flash Cards” for Amani. I’ve been hunting for this kind of flash cards fo so long. Saw it first from Irma Hasmie’s instagram, she bought it for his son. She also suggested to buy it from Amrina Aziz’s instagram.


This flash cards was sell so fast. When I ordered at first, she told me the flash cards were sold out. Kindly, she informed me later that there was a back out buyer and reserved it for me.

I was so excited to received the flash cards. If you are interested to buy you can visit her instagram id : amrina_aziz

Azura Chan.xoxo

Birthday Giveaway!

Hello friends and readers!

I’m very pleased to announce a Giveaway today.

To say a huge thank you to all of you who support my blog,  I’ve decided to offer a JAR OF LOVE to you.


Most of you love surprises, so I won’t reveal what’s inside the jar.

There’s another! Yeah, my friend Ain will contribute to give a special gift for the giveaway as well. So, you’ll receive two gifts!!

ain giveaway

Look at what she offered for the winner!

The Giveaway is open as of now – and it will remain open until February, the month of love… to give everyone a chance to enter.  I will do the draw on the 15th February 2014, which is my birthday! Yeay~

I will announce the winner here.

To participate, you need to do some tasks as below:

  1. You have to be a follower to my blog (simply click the follow button on the top menus for wordpress users or click the Follow button on the left side bars under ‘Follow Blog via Email’).
  2. You also have to be a follower to my friend’s blog  Ain.
  3. Like this post.
  4. Share or reblog this post or blog about this giveaway with a link back to my blog
  5. Once you done with the simple tasks, leave your comment here.

This giveaway is open for local and international readers.

Good luck to all of you who take part, and thank you once again for your amazing support.


Love in a jar-Giveaway

Hello lovely friends and new readers.
I’m one month ahead to celebrate my birthday.
Yeah, it’ll fall on February, the month of love.
So I’m being generous here… that I’ll be hosting a giveaway.
I’ll create a special post about it but for now, please take a look at the gift for the special winner.


LOVE in a jar Giveaway gift. I’m giving you my decorated jar! It’s not an empty jar… there’s something inside the jar. My Love for you. =)

It will open for local and international readers who wants to join. Told you, I’m being very generous… hehe.

Would you like to know what’s inside the jar? Or would you rather let it be a surprise? You decide. 😉

Kindly, please leave your comment below. Thank you so much!

Azura.Chan xoxo