Carnations in bloom

Happy New Year 2014 to everyone!
Thanks for staying with me. I really appreciate it.
2013 has left me with so many upside down. I’m hoping for a better and bright days in this year. More projects coming ahead. That means, I have to get ready with more effort, more extra work, more extra time and most important thing- maintain a good health. Wish me luck!


Made this carnation yesterday. A farewell for 2013. Hehe… Naah. It was me and Ain’s activity to kill the boredom while waiting time to go home. Yeap, had to go to work yesterday. No fun? So we creat the fun. Lol!


And this bouquet is to welcome the new year 2014. Ahakz. Indeed, we’re practising for our new project AA Design. Still have no suitable name for our project yet. These flower are made from crepe paper. Would you like to have this bouquet for your wedding? (^_~)

That’s the hint!

Azura Chan. xoxo


11 thoughts on “Carnations in bloom

  1. kill the boredome huh..haha..2 more days to more fun time at the office.. cheers to AA Design. Hoping more new project for this new year.

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