Sugar paper

I’m so thrilled when I heard that Daiso is opening their branch in Kuching. The last time I went to Daiso was in KK in 2011. For people like me, Daiso is ‘heaven’. lol!!!

So I heard from Ain, she went to Daiso here in Boulevard Mall. She said there were so many fancy craft stuff that we always dream to have it here. And then I went there last two days ago.


She was right. Here, printed cloth for crafting. I bet my sister would love this.


And these made me craaazyyy… Printed felts, and plain felts… only RM5 each. Oh, did I mentioned you that all items are RM5??? I became a crazy wild that night (only in my inner side. lol)


DearDear was the one who spotted on this. I’ve been looking for this from all over the place. I always saw people making flower paper from this paper. This is sugar paper. It is different from the crepe paper, the one that I always use in making flower papers.


Look at the different. This is so much softer than crepe paper. It looks more fluffy… I remember using this type of paper to make a kite when I was a kid before. 


Thanks to Daiso, thanks to the flower paper kit. It had saved my time. I only need the papers and a ribbon to wrap the gift. Simple. No need to rush to the shop to buy the wrapping paper. hehe. That was a gift for my friend Freda. Happy birthday in advance!

p/s: Anyone knows, where I can get the sugar paper? Preferably in pink colour…



11 thoughts on “Sugar paper

  1. Read about Daiso opening in newspaper last month! Hahah! You must be excited and am sure you will be their frequent customer. Lol!

    Er, sugar paper?? I also not so sure. I think I saw it few times but could not remember where I saw it. Sorry, not much of help here.

    • Ehehe.. never mind. I hope so… cus whenever I go to the Boulevard, I always tend to get exhausted. Especially with the super active Amani. huhu.

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