Gift and happy posto

This week has been my happy posto week.
I received a lot of visiting from Mr. Postman.
Apart from the goods from my ‘online shopping’ activity, I received a giveaway gift and drugsss….


Last month I had entered a giveaway contest organised by Rose. I did not expect that I won, indeed. Anyway, thank you so much for the gifts. They are useful to me. The bag is useful when doing shopping on Saturday (most shop didn’t provide plastic bag on that day), I love lavender scented sachet… will hang it in my closet and last but not least the 2014 diary! Macam tau-tau that I’m looking for a small diary. Hehe… Thanks again Rose! =)

Another happy posto I received yesterday was this…

I’ve been expecting this parcel actually. It was from Kathy. Well, if you mention her name… one thing you must relate to her is these…

Eheee…. more drugs for me. Yeay!! I’m sugar rush now. Lol! Thanks again Kathy for your times on searching those book for me. 😀

I’m sure you like to receive mail, right.

Till then, bye bye…



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