Snow White and The Huntsman

January 2014 Drug.

Snow White and The Huntsman by Lily Blake

I love this book. It’s like reading untold story from the original Snow White version. Well, the fairy tales version mostly showed the sweet side of the heroin. Not in this book. Snow White is strong, defensive… and the real hero in this book is the Huntsman. I’m disappointed that the Huntsman and Snow White doesn’t belong to each other. Oooops…. spoiler. hehe.

Apart from the storyline, I had to say that I love the book.

snow white nth

Comes with fold out poster of the three main characters – Snow White, The Hunstman and Ravenna (The Queen). The design also looks like an ancient book, it creates the real feeling to read the book.  I just love to keep book like this.


This is the cover of the book. Yeah, there’s a signature from Amani. T.T  I bet she dislikes Kristen Stewart, that’s why she ‘conteng’ her face. 😥 I dislike her as well, keep on imagining someone else to be the heroin. hehe…


Fortunately, she left the Hunstman page clean. Eheee…. I bet she knows her Mama’s crush. LOL! Perhaps, she too sharing the same crush over Chris Hemsworth. ahaha..

TGIF guys!



13 thoughts on “Snow White and The Huntsman

  1. nang rajinla macaaa. hehe, nok ria banyak buku best rah hills. ne tauk ada lagik, beli jak kitak. rasanya ada cita nok kedak snow white tok rah sia. kmk ada berbeli ria 😀

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