Dear friends and readers
I am sorry for neglecting my blog for a few days.

To my customer,
Sorry for delaying the deadline.

To my brother,
Sorry for breaking your gundam into pieces.

It all started when Amani had fever again.

Last two weeks, she had a fever. But it only last for 2 days. On Wednesday, her temperature suddenly hits high. This time, we brought her to see the paediatric. The paed said she was infected from virus of the weather now. Today is the fifth day, her temperature is still high.

With her condition like that, she was very clingy. Everyday I must not far from her sight. Even when she was sleeping at night, I had to be her rocker. Sigh~

This is one of the challenge I had to face. I have been delaying my deadline because of this. I am struggling hard to finish the dowry decorations now.Customer always right, no matter how. I am so so sorry to dissapoint you.


Now, this incidents complete my bad hair week! I had accidentally broke my brother’s Gundam into pieces. I am very very sorry and you are on my treat whenever you want, bro.

Oh I just want to runaway from this stress. But I know I can’t. I have to face it.


Yeah… that’s right! Keep calm and stay strong!

Azura Chan xoxo


5 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. It really can feel awful when everything seems to be getting in on top of you – so have a hug, a cuppa & five minutes of me time – it’s not a lot of time I know, but Amani will be wanting a hug too. I hope she gets better soon.
    And I hope you manage to get the dowry decorations finished – a little and often.

    Take care!

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