Hello February!!


February is my most favourite month. It’s the month of love and happiness. It’s not so in the beginning of the year, not also in the middle of the month and lastly it’s absolutely not in the end of the year. It’s just so perfect to stay as February.

One thing I love about February is that my wedding anniversary is on the February 12th. For this year, we’ll celebrating our fourth anniversary. My mind already has so many plan for us. ^_~


And of course why do I love February is because, my birthday is on the February 15th. Need I say more? Hehe.


I have so many plans to do within this month. Saw this challenge from Pinterest and I think I’m going to join this. But I’ll be taking this challenge via my Instagram. =)


I had agreed with my blog friend Linda, to swap birthday gift. For those who was born in February, I welcome you outhere to join me in this game. It will be fun! ^^, There will be no rules, simply swap gift and I’ll post about it in my blog. Anyone interested can email me for address : nazuramn@yahoo.com


Last but not least, don’t forget my Birthday Giveaway! I’m giving you a Jar of Love. Ok, I’ll you a hint on what’s inside the jar. My birthday is on the 15th… I might exposed or make a sneak peek post about the gift, everyday until Day 15. Get the hint? There’ll be more than one gift!!! Hurry up guys, start joining my giveaway before it ends.


I hope February will bring us more happiness and love. Till then, xoxo.

Azura Chan. ^_×

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