Vintage Dowry Decoration

I’ve uploaded a teaser for my dowry decorations in my instagram account.


Okay, today I’m going to reveal the whole designs.


The ring bearer…. I’ve combined lace and pearl beads for this design. Took a while to sew the beads, yup… I sew it. I don’t prefer to use glue because it might ruin the fabric.


Another one is the fruit bowl. If you recognised this design was used in my previous project. I only changed the ribbon around the bowl and make wreath of vintage flowers.

What do you think of my designs? I’m quite satisfied with my own achievement. Thank you for your comment guys. =)

If you are interested to use my design service, you always can drop by my email :

12 days to go before my Birthday Giveaway ends. Come and join my giveaway!!

Till then, ciao!

Azura Chan. xoxo

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