Ribbon Storage

Good day friends and readers.
From my craft drawer, I’m revealing you this…

Perhaps you might think this is the surprise from my giveaway. No. This is not what’s inside the Jar of Love. This is something that I made of, also from an empty jar. I’m using the jar for my ribbon storage. Sometimes, the leftover ribbons are to short to be roll over again. In the end, we would rolled them like a crumpled of unused threads.


What I did, I rolled them onto a wooden chopstic. I don’t know how to use a chopstic, but I know how to make use of it. Hehe.

And then, keep them all inside a jar. Please, decorate the jar first so that it will look attractive to see. Lol!

So guys, let’s get organised with fun!

Till then, Bye~

Azura Chan. ^_×