Throwback : Ikea

This is throwback pictures when we went to Ikea last year.

She got to meet her idol “Princess Cinderella”. I took a picture of her with Cinderella. hehe. We browsed around Ikea until we didn’t realised that we’d spent 4 hours! Lol.


And then we went to the food court. Many people suggested me to try on the Ikea meat balls. They said, it was the best! Well, taste nice to me (since I’m having sore throat, everything I ate tasted so plain)… Amani loves the mashed potato. My brother in law ordered the sandwich which was taste so weird. It looks like an umai sandwich to me. eheee..

Well, we only bought small stuff only. I couldn’t resist to buy The Pyssla beads, Kitchen utensils and a Vintage flower vase. I will update on that stuff some other time.

How I wish Kuching has Ikea outlet. muhuhu.