Birthday Getaway

On my birthday, I had planned for a weekend getaway at Damai Beach Resort. It was something that I look forward, for the three of us.


I guessed it was just my day. We had a chalet which was facing the sea view. I was very excited! I love the room, very comfortable for three of us. See the first picture on top? I love sitting at that place and watching the outside view. How I wish I have a room like this.


After we checked in, we went to the Damai Central for lunch. There is a foodcourt and a few shops but the price is killing! Well, we had no choice but to buy from the limited shops. As you can see, the trademark of the place is the arch of the big hornbill. It’s a must to take picture of the trademark.


In the evening, we had a walk along the sea shores. Capturing the beautiful views of the beach. It feels soothing…


I love taking picture of trees. I found that tree is a unique subject. It’s natural… Agree with me?


That’s us! Hehe. Amani was still afraid of the water. She’d being clingy to me all time. haish…


The next morning, we woke up surrounded by a beautiful view. As you can see, it’s a Mount Santubong on the background. After having breakfast, we went to the beach. At first, Amani was crying and doesn’t want to walk on her own. I just forced her and let her played with the sands. Still, she’s being stiff and couldn’t go far from us. huhu.


Doodle time!! This activity somehow distracted her fear for a while. She was having fun doodling on her own. 🙂


Amani with her ‘Kakak’. That’s a barbie name given by her. I must let Kakak had fun together with her. Otherwise, she would feel insecure. muhuhu.


At noon, we checked out from the resort. Before heading home, Amani asked me to take a picture of the archs. I bet she loves the arts.


Off we went home. I took a few pictures from the way to Kuching. Another Mount Santubong shot for you… There were few stalls on the roadside, we stop by to have Coconut juice and bought some Jeruk (prickles).


Now, that’s me and Amani signing off for today. I hope you enjoy reading this entry and sightseeing the views I had taken.

Till then…

Azura Chan. xoxo

11 thoughts on “Birthday Getaway

  1. That is certainly a lovely birthday getaway. Something calming .

    Is the waves very loud? That could be why the beach makes Amani scared

    • It’s the best time spent away from the hectic routines especially when you’re living in a city like Kuching. Yeah, it’s too far and required a car to go there. =)

  2. Yes Zura, I notice you and other kuching people always mention places that I never heard before. I think the last time I went there was around…2005-2006. Maybe I will sesat if I visit it again.

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