Hfmd – Coxsackie A6

The title might sound scary.
Well, I am in the middle of the situation now.
Amani had HFMD again. Yeah… this is the second time she got the disease. The last time was last year. When my life turned upside down, because of this. I almost quit my job… Scary mama. huhu.


Luckily, for this time it was not as bad as last year. Perhaps we had experienced on how to handle it and the doctor said because Amani was older now. On Saturday, she became too clingy and I could feel the hot temperatures on her palms and soles. She told me she felt pain on her sole. So I checked on her sole and found that there was a small red dote on it. And then I checked on her palms… more red dotes but not so obvious. If you didn’t pay more attention, it could be mistaken like a normal rash. Lastly, I checked on inside her mouth. Just great…. there were red dotes. That’s the answer… My instinct told me it is HFMD.

So we rushed to the clinic. Her temperature hits 38 degrees. Very high. The paedritician made a checked up on her like I did. First on her soles, palms and lastly her mouth. Confirmed! She was infected by virus Coxsackie A6, which means she had HFMD. (I knew it… sigh..)

Given a letter to be quarantine for 10 days… I feel like a dejavu. hmm…


Alhamdulillah it is Day 4 now… she is recovering. The red dotes getting dissapears and they didn’t formed into blisters. There are no more red dotes inside her mouth, and as the paed. told me it’s a good sign because they didn’t formed into ulcers.

I also followed on advices from some experienced mom… one of them Kak Pidah. She told me to give her Vanilla ice-cream and Yakult. That’s what I did. It works! Thank you for your advice Kak!

Now, Amani is treated like a princess. She gets to eat whatever she wants. Like… “pink doughnut”… that was her request that day. huhu…

Get well soon my dear…

My advice to parents out there, please.. if your children had fever… please please please monitor them. Check on their palm, sole and mouth.. once you confirm they are free from the symptoms… then you can send them to the nursery, school or meet with other children. I know some parent dis not alert with this…

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