Hello March!


(image source from Pinterest)

Bye bye February. My favourite month…
It’s time to welcome March.
In this month I’m planning to take two photo challenges.


The first one is The Book Soulmates Photo a Day Challenge. It was hosted by The Book Soulmates.


Second one is the fmsphotoaday for the month of March. It was hosted by Fatmumslim. I’ve taken the February challenge, and it’s addictive!

Well, I’m not posting the photos here. You can follow my instagram here to see the photos. See you there!


I bet you are wondering how is my girl doing. She had recovered from hfmd. Unfortunately, she gets fever again last night. Checked on her palms, soles and throats… I found nothing. Then I made a double check into her mouth. Found a little ‘Mr. White’ peeking from her gums.
Poor my baby…. she’s worst at teething. Yesterday she didn’t want to drink milk. Therefore today, I am going to give her more drinks other than milk and ice creams… La la la la…. (never ending stories)

Signing off for today.

Azura Chan. xoxo


7 thoughts on “Hello March!

  1. Enjoy this month’s challenges dear. And hope your girl is alright. Teething is not a good experience. Some kids are fine, some are know. I am lucky both kuds are fine when they were teething and no fever etc. But another one is coming and teething soon. Hope like the older sibling Jamie wouldnt give me much headaches.

  2. Maybe you can make them into “a topic a day” instead of “a photo a day” challenge, haha

    here’s my contribution

    7. Something beginning with i – Internet, I cannot live without internet cos I blog, I FB, I email, I surf the net for shops’ locations and opening hours almost everyday

    6. Chair – I love to put my legs “crossed” on and above the chair, cos I find that posture most comfortable

    7. Fly – I love to “fly” like a bird, flying means travelling lah, haha

    8. In the corner – Sometimes I like to hide in a corner and “emo”…

    9. 10am – I am still sleeping at that hour

    10. Far away – Last time when I was younger, I love to travel far away to far away countries but as age catching up, I feel restless sitting long flights, so now I prefer to travel to Asia, nearer mah

    11. Something good – Something good I can think of, is I am getting an advance pay this Friday

    12. Partial – The advance pay I can getting is a partial payment for my services

    13. Fresh – I love fresh flowers

    14. Care – It is good to know that somebody care for you

    15. Beautifully ordinary – beautifully ordinary is my house, my house is beautiful but ordinary

    17. Today’s weather – Today’s weather is hot, Singapore is a golden yellow colour

    18. Five years ago – I want to go back to five years ago when my dad is still alive

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