My hair


Oh ho…. someone needs to cut her hair….

It’s not that I dislike her keeping her hair long… I would prefer children with short hair. They’ll look more neat and cute. In fact, I used to hear some people said children with long hair tends to get lack of nutrients. The nutrients has been absorbed by the hair so the body will receive only few amounts of it. I wasn’t sure about this.

However, I still prefer them to have short hair instead. I never tried to bring Amani to the hairdresser, would love to try one day. Hopefully she won’t cry. muhuhu. Before this, my mom will cut her hair or me myself will cut and leaving the hair looks like a mouse bites. lol!


10 thoughts on “My hair

  1. I also prefer younger children with shorter locks as easy to maintain. I never cut my children hair before. The only time I cut my children hair was only baby Jamie on his full moon. Just trim a bit. Chinese tradition. Only trim a bit my hand was shaking. Hahaha.

  2. Also not so hot when she wears her tudung…plus when she goes to school, she may bring home the kuku from her friends’ hair. Happened to my girl…so had to cut really short to get rid of the lice.

  3. i dont think she will cry la. She will be fascinated by the things there. Asal dont put the hair blower on la. that one scary for kids

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