On my mind….

Hello friends and readers….
Sorry again for not updating my blog.
I fell sick and don’t have strength to write blog.

I am now had problem to swallow and chewing food. My mouth are full with ulcers, my gums is swelling and bleeding. My neck is aching. I think I am infected by Amani, one of the hfmd symptom.

I can only tolerate with soft food – porridge and soup. It’s been a week, I had eaten porridge…. night and day. It’s porridge day every day. lol!


Oh… look at those food. I can only look at it. This is really a hunger test for me. My tummy is rumbling… T.T
The ‘food note’ :
1. Nasi Ayam Penyet Pak Somet
2. Sarawak Laksa
3. Butter Chicken Rice
4. Morocon Butter Chicken Rice

Hopefully I will get better soon and redeem all the yummy food!

Till then, bye~



8 thoughts on “On my mind….

  1. Oh dear! Get well soon. I also got it when my girl was a baby and she had it but just a bit and only on the hands – so so painful.

    Ooooo…the ayam penyet looks so good. We had that on Saturday night with pecel lele and satay too. Yum yum!!!.My kind of food!

    • Yeah it is. 😦
      The ayam penyet Pak Somet is a new shop at the back of Sarawak Plaza. You can have a try there whenever you come to Kuching again.

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