Good morning bloggers…
How are you doing?
My condition is getting better. I can eat now but in a slow motion. lol!


This is Amani’s new doll. This one she didn’t call it ‘Kakak’ (sister), instead she call this doll “Princess”. DearDear bought this doll for her. She loves it as much as she loves the Princess character.

I remember my father used to buy me dolls whenever he went on teavelling before. My favourite was the Nurse Barbie doll. I kept it properly until my brother found it and broke the neck and it’s arm into pieces. T.T. I wonder why boys had to be rough on everything. πŸ˜₯


The other doll was given from ‘Nekmak’ (my mother) to Amani. She name it “Baby”. I kept them together in a box. She have so many dolls now. I hope she can learn how to appreciate things and gifts. Like how my mom taught us to appreciate things. I saw my mother kept all her gifts in a showcase. It made thought, one day I would do the same like she did. Now I’m training Amani to love and appreciate gifts.

Till then… happy Tuesday!



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