Happy Posto (March.2014)

Ohaiyo gozaimasu mina san!!
How do you feel today?
I feel extremely happy this morning. I wonder why myself. muahaha.
The Happy song from Pharrell Williams keep on repeating in my head.


Perhaps it’s because of the Happy Posto that I received on yesterday. It’s from Mr. Arthur. What a pleasant surprise from him. Thank you thank you for the lovely clips. I bet you know that I am mad on fancy
stuff like this.


Here, how happy I am. I hope you are feeling happy as well today.
Bye for now!


4 thoughts on “Happy Posto (March.2014)

  1. I saw them at a shop here and thought they looked kinda pretty…and I missed your birthday, promised to send you something nice when I see any so I’ve kept my word. Now, that’s fast – sent on Monday via snail mail – usually would take at least a week. Glad you like the little token.

    Hope your ulcers are gone now. Take care, God bless.

    • I’m loving it!! Thank you again. Yeah, it proves that snail mail still works this day. Haha.
      I have recover from ulcers, that is why I am happy I guess. Thanks again aye!

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