Temptation #40 : Mazazu Crepe

Konichiwa my lovely readers…
Last two months I had bought one Groupon deals of Mazazu Crepe.


It was the first time I tried on buying through Groupon. The Mazazu Crepe promotion deals has caught my attention.


From RM15, the deal includes any two of the Delicatessen Crepe and two of any coffee or green tea. Without much thinking I bought the deals. The redemption has started on my birthday. Since I was so busy last month, I didn’t got the chance to go to the Merdeka Plaza.


So, last Saturday I went to the outlet and started the redemption. hehe. I brought along DearDear and Amani. DearDear was curious about this outlet. So I told him to look at himself, the premise and the place they make the crepes. There is no secret ingredient as they displayed the ingredients and the way they make it. Great!


The Mazazu Crepe sells varities of crepes. I was once having the ice cream crepe and tuna crepe. I think I would prefer crepes with filling like tuna, chicken, salami etc rather than something sweet.


We were having Chicken Mushroom and Chicken Cheese with pizza sauce crepes, and two cups of Blue Mountain Blend coffee & Capuchino Coffee. DearDear prefer the Blue Mountain, while I’m just sipping one and two times only. (I am a tea person. hehe). My favourite so far – Chicken mushroom! 😀

That was it. If you haven’t been to Mazazu Crepe, do have a try. Especialy for those who loves Japanese food. I will assure you this is the best crepe outlet in Kuching. heee..

Till then, have a great day ahead. Bye.


8 thoughts on “Temptation #40 : Mazazu Crepe

    • Yes. Very nice. The place a bit hidden from people. And I think they have lack of promotion. They should depends on people like us to promote their food. hehe.

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