Good morning bloggers…
How are you doing?
My condition is getting better. I can eat now but in a slow motion. lol!


This is Amani’s new doll. This one she didn’t call it ‘Kakak’ (sister), instead she call this doll “Princess”. DearDear bought this doll for her. She loves it as much as she loves the Princess character.

I remember my father used to buy me dolls whenever he went on teavelling before. My favourite was the Nurse Barbie doll. I kept it properly until my brother found it and broke the neck and it’s arm into pieces. T.T. I wonder why boys had to be rough on everything. 😥


The other doll was given from ‘Nekmak’ (my mother) to Amani. She name it “Baby”. I kept them together in a box. She have so many dolls now. I hope she can learn how to appreciate things and gifts. Like how my mom taught us to appreciate things. I saw my mother kept all her gifts in a showcase. It made thought, one day I would do the same like she did. Now I’m training Amani to love and appreciate gifts.

Till then… happy Tuesday!


On my mind….

Hello friends and readers….
Sorry again for not updating my blog.
I fell sick and don’t have strength to write blog.

I am now had problem to swallow and chewing food. My mouth are full with ulcers, my gums is swelling and bleeding. My neck is aching. I think I am infected by Amani, one of the hfmd symptom.

I can only tolerate with soft food – porridge and soup. It’s been a week, I had eaten porridge…. night and day. It’s porridge day every day. lol!


Oh… look at those food. I can only look at it. This is really a hunger test for me. My tummy is rumbling… T.T
The ‘food note’ :
1. Nasi Ayam Penyet Pak Somet
2. Sarawak Laksa
3. Butter Chicken Rice
4. Morocon Butter Chicken Rice

Hopefully I will get better soon and redeem all the yummy food!

Till then, bye~


My Mini Dresser

Hello friends and readers…
Previously, you have seen my vanity set.
Now, let’s take a look at what my little one had.


This is Amani’s Mini Dresser. It was a birthday gift from me and DearDear. It comes with Hair dryer, Roller clips, comb, perfume sets….. I bought a ‘lipstick’ separately for her too.


Look who’s taking a long time to get ready…. Lol. I remember when I was kid, I used to play with my mom’s makeup set. She didn’t got angry then, in fact she encouraged me to play with it. She loves to make up me back then. ahaha. I guessed she had kept her most valuable sets aside, so I only played with few things only.

Wonder what I’m going to buy for Amani for her third birthday….

Till then, ciao…



This is my March 2014 Drug.


Divergent by Veronica Roth. It’s captivating, fascinating and fast-paced book. I had underestimate this book in the first place. ‘Preserved’ the books for quite a long time because I didn’t think this book will make me attached. Lol! Love the characters in this book, both Tris and Four were very powerful and important to each other. 5 stars for this book!

I got the ebooks from Kathy. Thanks dear! After halfway reading the first book, I thought that I must have it for my collection. So I went to the bookstore and bought The Divergent Box. It’s also a self reward for myself!


The box consists of the three series : Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant plus a booklet of ‘The world of Veronica Roth’s Divergent Series’. Happy!!! That’s how to describe my feeling at this moment. eheee…

Now, am going to continue reading the second book. Till then, bye!


Sweet & Refreshing

If you are given four choices of something that is sweet and refreshing, what would it be?
I am now craving for these kind of things.
And I would choose these:


1. Cucumber juice (my all times favourite since young. Used to make it my own juice…)
2. Coconut juice (this is a healer… provided with no added sugar)
3. Ice-cream (ah… so indulging)
4. Slice of strawberry chocolate cake (melting…. hihi)

That’s it. My once in a blue moon cravings. What about you guys? Mind sharing with me your cravings? 🙂

My hair


Oh ho…. someone needs to cut her hair….

It’s not that I dislike her keeping her hair long… I would prefer children with short hair. They’ll look more neat and cute. In fact, I used to hear some people said children with long hair tends to get lack of nutrients. The nutrients has been absorbed by the hair so the body will receive only few amounts of it. I wasn’t sure about this.

However, I still prefer them to have short hair instead. I never tried to bring Amani to the hairdresser, would love to try one day. Hopefully she won’t cry. muhuhu. Before this, my mom will cut her hair or me myself will cut and leaving the hair looks like a mouse bites. lol!