Happy Posto April 2014

Hello friends…
Yesterday I was surprised to see there was a letter for me.


Saw the stamp was within Sarawak and I couldn’t see where it was from. I was wondering who could the sender be. No sender name at the back of the envelope either.

So I just open the envelope. Guess what. No letter! Ditto…


There were candies and a keychain. Who could be the sweet and generous angel sending me the gifts? When I saw the keychain, I knew it was from who. It was from someone sweet who just came back from a vacation to Bangkok. hehe. Thank you so much Rose! You know that I loved collecting keychains. 🙂

Off for now…


5 thoughts on “Happy Posto April 2014

  1. Ahhhhh!!!! She sent you some gifts too, so sweet of her. No name and address of sender? I would always write at the back so the postal service people would be able to return to sender if undelivered…but I know it takes a long long time.

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