Office lunch 2014

Hello everyone.
I hope you are enjoying the weekend.
Well, this is a story of the last Friday. I’m sorry I’m not commited to update my blog everyday. It is because I was very tired and this morning I had dizziness. I guessed I don’t have enough rest recently.

Okay then, back to the main topic. Last friday my company had an office lunch at Sarawak Club, Kuching. Once I heard where the venue was, I feel extremely excited. Haha. Why? Because I really loved the food.


This is the first course. Loves the roti jala… yumm yumm.


Moving on to the second course. The roasted chicken. Love the deco.


Now this is my most faaaayvorite in Sarawak Club. The butter prawns. Trust me, Sarawak Club has the best butter prawn in town. wiwiwi.


History time! Did you know that Sarawak Club was once in razed around July 2006? I remember I was stilll studying in Unimas during that time. Now, it is fully renovated and they have one section in the building that displayed some left artefacts from the fire. I managed to take some interesting photos. Clockwise (L-R):
1. Remains of the Rajah Room’s crockeries during the pre dawn.
2. The charred glasses, utensils…. how sad to look at it.
3. The clock which hung on the wall of the library somewhat eerily showing the time the intense heat of the fire reached the library.
4. The cock head, the only artefact saved and left by us during the massive lunch. Lol!!!!


Here’s me and my girls… Intended to pose with “crossed leg” but our photographer captured the candid moment. hehe.


Added one of the photo into my #100happydays challenge. 😀

That’s it for today. Till then, ciao…


7 thoughts on “Office lunch 2014

  1. Love the food there. Dined there a few times but it has been a while since I last dropped by there. Roti jala? Where? Where? I had that this morning…watch out for the post on it!

  2. Yes, i rememer the fire. My working place is just fewminutes away from Sarawak club. Had company annual dinner there after the renovation.
    Overall I had 2 dinners and a conference in Sarawak Club. Very exclusive club back during the British colony time.

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