Lipgloss collections

Hello lovely readers..


I discovered that my hobbies are more on to make collections. Here’s my new hobby. I love collecting lipglosses. Heee. Well, I am a person who would prefer applying on lipgloss rather than lipstick. Lipgloss is more lighter and I am a shy person. I don’t prefer something too bright on my lip. Just a sheer colour would be enough.

Here goes my lipgloss collection. The colours are slightly not much different. This is only some of the collection. One day I will post on the rest. Would you like to swap lipgloss with me? we could make a different this time. Normally people swaps tea bags, stamps, postcard, washi tapes… now let’s swap lipgloss. How’s the idea? Let me know if you’re interesred. 🙂


I really loves nude pink lipgloss. This is one of my favourite game in my tablet. I only knows how to makeup ‘avatars’ . lol. I also choose nude pink for her.



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