Family Hi Tea

Hi all. How was your weekend?
It’s been a great weekend for me.


My youngest brother is here for mid semester break. So we decided to have a family gathering at Waterfront Cafe, Hilton. My father’s condition is also getting better. He is now capable to walk with his walker. Alhamdulillah…


My favourite all the times. Sushi and Caesar Salad. I think I have ‘sapu’ all the sushi on the plate. Lol!  The other food were also marvelous.


The kids were having fun, especially Amani. She really enjoyed her cousins’ companion. She also getting hyper, running here and there. Sugar rush….


This is our youngest member in the family. Baby Emir. Amani didn’t get jealous yesterday. Thanks to all the audience who saw her doing her performance. lol!


The cousins. Looks like they were really having fun. I realised, off all the pictures… my family is very popular with ‘photobomb’ pic. Lol!

Untill next time…


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