Kek Lapis and Teddy Bear

Hello lovely readers,

Last weekend I accompanied my brother to buy Kek Lapis Sarawak (Sarawak Layered Cake) for him to take away to Peninsular Malaysia. Without much thinking, we went to Mira Cake House located at Kampung Boyan. (just the opposite of the Kuching Waterfront)


The last time I went here was two years ago. At that time, they were selling cakes at the food stalls. I was surprised to see they are now have a proper cake shop. Bigger even! Impressive. Many people knows that they once had a downfall during the Golden Churn issues. Nothing could stop them. Now, they are more established.

Apart from selling ‘old school’ cakes, now they have added some  commercial name cakes. There were Kek Tengku Adam, Ariana Rose, Mr. Arrogant, Mael Lambong, Ngap Sayot, Neelofa.. etc. I bet the taste are all the same. (Not really a fan of Layered Cakes though. 😦 ).


There were biscuits too. My brother ‘borong’ about 5 types of cakes. His favourite is Kek Lumut. I have to agree with him. The Kek Lumut in Mira Cake House really tastes delicious. Yummeh!


On Saturday, we sent him fly to KL. From his face, I know he feels ‘heavy’ to leave. With the ‘water problems’ happening in Peninsular, money problem (always a student life problem)… and homesick (yeah, admit it bro. haha)


Amani also joining us to send her uncle. She told me she wanted to go to ‘Ke-Ewl’ as well. I wonder what do children at her age knows about KL. muhuhu. I only loves the shopping part. Besides that, I doubt to live in a hectic city like that. huhu…


Till we meet again bro. My teddy bear. ;D


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