Hello lovely readers…
If you remember, what is your biggest fear when you were young?
I bet, most children during our times are afraid of storm, lightning… ghosts… but not with children nowadays.

My niece was afraid of loud sound like machine sound, people shouting…. I discovered that Amani also have some fear.


She was afraid of something moving with her. I tried to put her on controlled car, she screams and the car had to let go to her cousin. She doesn’t like to play with the musical toys, something like in the picture above. That was a tricky picture, the horse didn’t move indeed. Took a while to encourage her to ride the horse.


Secondly, she is afraid of something furry. She hates threads and the worst.. she hate it when some fallen hair stucked on her fingers or toes.. She would cried for help to get rid of it. Luckily at this age, she already overcome the fear of furry toys. Not with hairs… she is still afraid of hairs… huhu.

She also fear with sands, beaches, dragonflies, coackroches and men. Yeah… she is afraid of men. When some man trying to approach her, she will start to glue onto me. She’s okay with woman.. hehe.

By writing this post, I also discovered my own fear. It made me think that, is it the same fear we had since we’re child? What trigger the fear? Can we overcomes it? Does fear shows our personality?

I’ll let the experts to think of it. hehe.

Till then, ciao.