Smalls SAL April 2014

Hello my lovely friends and readers….
I am so excited today because it is the day to present the Smalls SAL 2014 Challenge. Why the excitement? Because, this is the first time I manage to submit the challenge on time!
Well done to me! (Pat myself… hehe)

Without wasting time, let’s see what I did for this month challenge.


A snail? Yes, a snail in a garden. That’s Gary. Spongebob’s pet. Lol! I had purposedly leave some empty space because I’m going to stitch an envelope besides Gary. That will be features in May challenge. Stay tuned!

Perhaps you want to take a closer look at Gary…. Let zooming a little bit closer… Tada!!


It looks a little bit shocked there… No paparazzi please. Lol. I kind of adore this cutie. Don’t you think Gary is too adorable? x)

My TUSAL April check in also filling up. I can see myself had making improvement this month.


Hopefully I can fufill the jar by the end of this year. Today is the last day of my giveaway. Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner. Don’t forget to come back. 😉 Ciao.


15 thoughts on “Smalls SAL April 2014

  1. oh how cute! I like the way you’ve framed him in the bottom of the hoop. I’m glad I didn’t join TUSAL, I have a 1l jar and I’ve filled it twice this year already!

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