The winner is…

Hello everyone!
I am here to announce the winner for the Happy Spring Blog Hop giveaway. Sorry that I am one day delayed. Yesterday was so chaotic. 😦

Now, let’s move on to the main reason here.


Before that, I want to thank to all the participants in this giveaway. I only selected 11 names, which were really answered my question (What is your favourite spring flower?) So I wrote down the names…


Call me an old school person, I don’t mind. I still like the traditional way to make a draw. Haha! Here’s my lovely bicycle that would take your names. And I took the lucky name out of the basket…

And the winner is…..


Lyn Kaufmann“!!! Congratulations and please contact me asap. Thank you for those who taking part as well. Till we meet again, next time. Xoxo


p/s: If within one week the winner didn’t collect the prize, I’ll make another draw.

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