Taman Sahabat

Hello lovelies…
Due to the really bad internet connection these past few days… I am sorry that I had been neglecting my blog. I also couldn’t blog hop to your blog. It is so frustrating.., I wonder why the internet lines in Malaysia is so lousy, 😦


Last week I had set an appointment to meet my friend Sylvia. Sylvia had set up the place to meet,which was at the Taman Sahabat (Friendship Park). After work, we rushed to the place and met Syl with her nephew.


It was and still my favourite place to hang out. I like to visit the park as it is just near to my house. I’ve made a post about this park long time ago and for now, I just serve to you the recent pictures of the park.


I feel peaceful sitting here…


Care for an evening walk?Β 


As for Amani, this is the first time she came here. I never brings her to the park before this. So that day, I taught her to learn about nature. I let her had fun feeding the fish. She was so excited to have her first experienced to feed the fish. hehe.


Look at her, drenched in sweat after running here and there. After that day, she always insisted to go to the park everyday. Haish… =p



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