Hello AC readers…
Last month I had participated in a #yourcitymailproject from the Instagram. It was organised by Raquel.

First of all, let me briefly explain to you what is all about the project. The main concept is exchanging infos on our city to our partner. After registered, the host will assigned us to our partner (from other country). After that, each of us must prepare for the first envies to be send to our assigned partner. The first envies should include paper goods such as maps, random info, postcards, pictures, ephemera, info about museums, a note with your favorite places to hang in the city etc

Luckily, I have been assigned to Megan Michelau from Canada. I was so excited because I had never been to Canada or had any pen pal from the country. Yeay! So given by the limit of a few weeks to prepare the envies, I had gathered as much as I can the pamphlets, brochures, postcards, token for my partner. My friend Ain also joined the project, we worked together to complete the task.


Look at what I’ve got for Megan. From the beginning I had feel the thrilled of doing the task. It was so much fun! I got to know my own city such as historical facts, geographic facts and besides that, I am promoting my city! I loved the idea in the first place.


Before sending out the parcel, me and my partner had sent a sneak peek picture of the content of the parcel. Here’s what I will receive. I can’t wait to have them and touring around the city. I’ll keep you updated!


This is my favourite pamphlet. I have two extras plus a few brochures and postcards. If you are interested to swap your city with mine, please email me ( your address.

Now I am preparing for the second task, which is the second envies. The second task is more exciting as we will exchange something typical such as souvenirs (keychains, magnets, notebook etc).  Wait for my updates!



12 thoughts on “Yourcitymailproject

  1. A great way to learn and meet new people. I used to have penpal from Hong Kong and Singapore but after a while we lost contact. I remember the excitement of writing and waitinv for the postman in anticipation of reply from penpals. Haha.

    • You’re right. I love the excitement especially while waiting for their replies… I used to be active in this pen palling during my teenage, now I’m starting it again. hehe

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