Happy Teacher’s Day

Hello AC readers!
Today is 16th May, 2014. If you are in Malaysia, today is officially a Teacher’s Day. When I was still schooling, today we (the students) were happily giving gifts to our beloved teachers.

Now that I’m a grown up adult, I had leave the school memories so many years. Every Teacher’s Day, it didn’t really affects on me. However, this year I get to feel the excitement once again. It is so common, Teacher’s Day means a mother have to prepare gift for their children teachers. Lol. And this time, it includes me!

I have searched so many creative ideas from Pinterest. There is willing to do those thing but…. I have no time. So the easiest way that pop up into my mind is to bake a cake for Amani’s teachers.


Ok. Everyone knows that I’m lousy in baking. Lol. So I just bought the premix Velvet Cake, mix the ingredients together and voila!! My first attempt in baking a Velvet Cake. With some help from DearDear and Amani especially for the supporting part and sprinkles the cake. Thanks my love…  I never thought with ‘premix’ ingredient could save my life.


Then comes to my favourite part. Decorating it! Tied some ribbons, stick a sticker and my favourite vintage applique sticker… hmm. Looks good. hehe.


This is Amani, so excited to give the cake to her teacher. All her teachers were surprised when she handed the cake this morning. hehe.
With this opportunity, I would like to wish Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers out there.