Baking Demo Class

Hi everyone. How’s your blue Monday? ^_ร—

If you’re loyal AC reader, I bet you have known that I am really really lousy at baking. Lol! Therefore, I’m signing in myself and my friend Ain for a Baking Demo Class. ๐Ÿ˜€


The event was organised by Sing Wee Hock Pastry at Kuching Park, Hotel. The demo was conducted by Chef Teoh from Kuala Lumpur. We were given 4 recipes that he would baked that day. The recipes are Cat’s Tounge Biscuit (Biskut Lidah Kucing), The Ugly Chocolate Biscuit, Raisin & Oat Drop Cookies and lastly The Date Mousse Cake. The main ingredient that they wanted to promote is the Colatta Super Compound Chocolate.


The good thing when attending class like this is that you learn some new knowledge of baking. As the Chef said, sometimes we blame the recipe, or we thought we had followed the wrong recipe. Indeed, there are many factors that affecting our baking. For example the room temperature sometimes affects on the texture of the batter/dough. So he is being so generous with the knowledge that he had made comparison on the batter/dough (as you can see from the three plates picture). This knowledge, you would never find it in tv show or the book.


So can you see the pink box in the picture. That’s the Colatta. The taste is different from normal cooking chocolate that we can find in pastry shop. It also makes your biscuits and cakes taste different – taste of chocolate!


Each of us were given The Colatta Chocolate Button. It’s delicious! Yess, it can be eaten just like that too. The Sing We Hock Pastry shop now has offering the Colatta at Raya Promo Price. Go grab it! x)


There you go. Last picture with the chef before the class ended. Thank you Ain for accompanying me. Am looking forward for another demo class in future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ciao all.



10 thoughts on “Baking Demo Class

  1. I went to watch once at a college here, carrot cake – hotel food and catering. It looked so easy…but after all that, I still could not bake. Hehehehehe!!!!!

    • That thing happens to me. Looks so easy. After watching the step, I got confused and I told myself that I won’t try baking the mousse cake. haha.

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