Cheating eating veggies…

Hello AC readers….

It is known that, children hates to eat veggies. Me myself, hated it when I was child. Not because of the taste. I had an experienced that the veggie were stucked on my throat. Since then I am being a picky when it comes to eating veggies. Well, now not anymore. I love veggies!

That makes me understand when Amani refused to eat veggie. I wont trying to push her eating something she dislikes. However, recently her skin was getting more sensitive. It only started with a mosquito bite, then it totally turned out to be wound. I just couldn’t bear to see her scratching herself and leave the scar to her face.

Now, back to basic. The only food that can heal wound is vegetable. I’d discussed this matter with my sister, about how to force her eating veggie. Since she likes to eat creamy soup, my sister was suggesting me to do a homemade vegetable creamy soup. Cheating way to force her eating veggie. Yeah!


This recipe I learned from my sister.
1. Prepared a vegetable broth as usual. I choose potatoes, young corns and sweet peas. (Can substitute to brocolli, spinach, carrot…. etc)
2. After that, blend them together (using blender machine).
3. Heat it again, add on milk until it looks creamy. (sonetimes I add on cheese)
4. Voila! The Veggie Creamy Soup is ready to be served. (Oh, she liked it very much without knowing that she is eating veggie) ;p

Problem solved!


9 thoughts on “Cheating eating veggies…

  1. Really hate to get kids to eat green. Sigh! But I guess once they are grown up and more health conscious, they will eat.

    • Hmmm… nope, not yet. Sure looking forward to that! Also still waiting to open and take pics of Angela’s pkg… suspense is building! Still waiting for my computer to get back to normal 😦 So, ‘guess waiting for it to arrive in the first place makes it easier to wait patiently πŸ˜‰ ❀ ❀

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