Happy Thursday AC reader?

Ever since I’m a kid, I always fascinated by charm bracelets. I always saw it from the gold/jewelery shop and dreaming that I must have it one day. I didn’t want to beg my mom to buy one for me because I know she couldn’t afford it.

Now I’m working and have my own incomes, I still haven’t buy myself a charm bracelet. Hehe… Instead, I’m planning to make my own charm bracelet. Meanwhile, I’m planning to collect charms.


These are some of my collection. I love the Eiffel Tower (knowing that I may not be able to go to Paris, at least I’m keeping the ET charm), The Fairy (I’m a dreamer), The Guitar (my favourite instrument, but sadly I don’t know how to play) and The Vintage Mirror (Vintage, who can resist? 🙂 ). Each of it has a trademark of me. hehe.

The three charms on top of the picture I had selected for Amani and DearDear. The Cat (we all love cat… or “Yayau” as Amani would call it), The Cinderella shoe (This one was picked by Amani herself) and The Camera (DearDear really loves photography).


Remember the charms given by Angela? I feel super extra excited to see them added to my collection. And I’m still collecting…. I’m looking for Froggy charm, still haven’t found it anywhere. If you do, would you like to trade it with me? ^_×



13 thoughts on “Charmies

  1. Wow. You very own handmade charm bracelet. How cool. Hmm, I asked tgis friend of mine who into handmade jewellery in Kuching. See she has any froggy one

  2. Hi Azura – we were really spolit by Angle – your charms and gifts are gorgeous. Anyway I have nominated you for a Liebester Award Nomination – the guidlelines for the award are on my blog is you are interested in accepting the nomination.

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