Weekend outing

Hello AC readers!

My last weekend was full with outside activities.


I had set a date with my dearie sister (being so closed with her since we studied in Unimas before. And she was like my baby sister. hehe). The last time we met, it was 4 years ago. It was a few days before my wedding day. She told me she couldn’t attend the ceremony, so she visited me instead. After that, we were busied with work, life and have no time to meet. (life in city… ) And this year, am repeating the moment vice versa. She is the ‘bride-to-be’ on this coming Gawai. Feeling happy for her and miss her already. Congratulations sista!


After the meet up, Amani and me wandered around the One Jaya while waiting to fetch DearDear (at the office). It was Girls’ Day Out! Finally I have a shopping companion.. At night, we had a family dinner at the One Jaya Topspot Seafood. I prefered this place than the one at Bukit Mata. Easier to bring kids and the place also not so stuffy.


On Sunday, my girls and I had attended a Seminar of Wedding Industrial at Riverside Hotel. It was pretty boring, and as you can see from the picture… I guessed I’m more attracted to the lamp decorations rather than the speaker. Zzzzz. What made me dissapointed is the way they managed the function. The registration was chaotic, including the certificate distributions… oh my… I was left without having my certificate. I don’t mind either. -_-


17 thoughts on “Weekend outing

  1. naughty you ah …..why so long baru meet up…must try to meet up more often.
    Congratulations to your sis and her husband to be . May their marriage be everlasting and full of love

    • Aiyo… so busy. She’s taking Master now, and her work requires her to go travelling. Me busy with anak, weekend is for ‘in-law’ day. The schedule is very very compact. huhu. πŸ™‚

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