Sweet Seventeen

Hello AC readers…

Today is #throwbackthursday. Normally, I would post old photos on my instagram on Thursday. As for today, I’ve posted two photos that reminds me of my sweet seventeen moments.


The first photo is a letter holder which was my 17th birthday gift from my best friend Syu. I bet she knew that I was a ‘letterholic’ since that time. I’m still keeping this letter holder, and it is still in a good condition. Thanks again dearie…


The second photo is my pencil case when I was in Form 5. It was belongs to my sister in the first place. After she went abroad to further her study, she gave it to me. Now, let’s take a look on what was inside the case. My craziness over stickers especially ‘Rei’ the Sailor Mars from the Sailormoon characters. I got to be Rei that time, while my other friends being each of other Sailormoon characters. Lol! Look at how ‘cartoon’ we were before.

You must be guessing who was on the other picture that I kept. That’s Michael Owen and his partner at that time. Hihihi… Everyone in my school knews that I have a huuuge crush with Michael Owen before. Lol!

That’s all for today. I am trapped in my own memories today. Kind of missing the old times… πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “Sweet Seventeen

  1. i’m still crazy over stickers to this day!! haha. but i don’t buy em anymore.. i don’t have any place to stick em, sadly ):
    so i just buy LINE stickers. lol!!

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